Sustainable Village by the sea

1er Premio. Concurso Masterplan Reserva Mar Azul.

Projecting a new urbanization facing the sea is a great opportunity to rebuild that relationship. That line where the urban begins cannot be attached to the sea, it cannot be a straight and abstract limit, a border.
In Mar Azul Reserve, the border between the urban and the natural is blurred, and a new relationship is generated in the meeting of the layout with the coastal reserve.

We have to respect the initial landscape, value the sand and the sea, understand that without dunes there is no beach, that beaches lose 2m per year, that aquifers dry up and ecosystems are lost.
The Argentine coast has been very mistreated by coastal developments, designed based on abstract models without a sensitive interpretation of the landscape.

The traces of the earth, the universal tapestry. The ultimate work of art.Interactive.
It is under our feet.

Alienated humans have ceased to marvel at the master design.
Architects and urban planners, in addition to looking at the design of new buildings, should give total priority to preserving and recreating the universal master design.
If it disappears, no building will make sense.